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An essential component of Biodiversity Informatics at the ZFMK is the design of databases on the digitization and management of in-house data collection, as well as the networking of existing database systems in cooperation with other institutions. Projects and databases such as Morph·D·Base, GBOL, GFBio and the Diversity Workbench Framework assure the accurate and comprehensive documentation of research data. Furthermore the section is working on a unitary collection and digitization plan for the ZFMK. This concept has the objective of creating a virtual museum research, which enables the exploration of data for a variety of scientific and general questions. The use of the Collection Management Framework DiversityWorkbench in all sections is a fundamental prerequisite for this.

In the GBOL project a data flow was designed and tools were developed to keep all data, created in different places (field and taxon data, laboratory and analytical data), together from the beginning and to facilitate central access.

With the morphological description database Morph·D·Base and related projects (eScience Compliant Standards for Morphology, Morph·D·Base extension) there exists a platform at the ZFMK with which standards for data description (taxonomically and morphologically) are developed. Morph·D·Base has similarities with the project WissKi2, which followed with the CIDOC CRM ontology a semantic approach to the linked and standardized data entry.

ZFMK Sammlungsdaten im BiNHum Portal
Screenshot from the BiNHum Demo-Portal with ZFMk collection data.

The current research projects at the ZFMK provide valuable data, which have a direct link to collection objects in many cases. The "where" and "what" of a specimen-recording forms the common basis of almost all data, whether from the research projects or from the collections. Differences occur in the results of the research in the laboratory, for example DNA sequences or morphometric investigations.

By participating in meetings of GBIF Germany IT, CETAF, EU BON, IPBES and as a member of the Belmont Forum the Biodiversity Informatics section is able to participate at the process of national and international development and networking.

Furthermore the Biodiversity Informatics section conducts seminars on digitization and the handling of digital data.


Dr. D. Triebel, Dr. M. Weiss, W. Reichert (SNSB IT Center, München), Dr. G. Hagedorn (MfN Berlin): Development of the DiversityWorkbench.

Dr. M. Ohl, Dr. G. Hagedorn und A. Kroupa (MfN Berlin), Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik: Biodiversitätsmanufaktur: New approach for a collection management in entomological collections for efficient archiving and automated digitization of individual objects.

Dr. A. Deans (Pennsylvania State University), Dr. Matt Yoder (University of Illinois), Dr. Stefan Richter (Universität Rostock), Dr. Lars Vogt (Universität Bonn): Phenotype Ontology Research Coordination Network. Since September 2013 existing cooperation for the joint development of species files, the project ,mx' and Morph·D·Base.

S. Richter (Universität Rostock), S. Harzsch (Universität Greifswald), T. Stach (Humboldt Universität Berlin), L. Vogt (Universität Bonn), G. Purschke (Universität Osnabrück): A morphological feature matrix and systematic analysis of neuroanatomical features in Morph·D·Base.

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