The Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig

is a research museum of the Leibniz Association

Opening hours

Opening hours
Tue to Sun: 10:00 to 18:00, last entrance: 17:00h
Web: Until 21:00h (on public holidays until 18:00h), last entrance: 20:00h
Mondays: only on public holidays

Mondays (except on public holidays)
Christmas eve, Christmas day und New year's eve

Entrance fee (1 day ticket)
5,00 € (regular)
2,50 € (discounted)

big, BIGGER,
The current state of research on the largest land animals that have ever lived on earth and the detective methods of scientists.
NEW: Permanent exhibition
Visit our various freshwater habitats and dicover the mostly unknown diversity of species.
Treasury of Life
Join a chimpanzee tracking tour, encounter dangerous driver ants and discover a leopard in the rainforest understorey - explore one of the most species-rich ecosystems of our planet.
Permanent exhibition
Arctic / Antarctic
Whales, penguins, ice bears and other fascinating animals in, under and on the ice guide you into the world of perpetual ice.
Permanent exhibition
Our exhibition "Desert - world of extremes" displays animals using tricks and adaptations to survive.
Permanent exhibition
The African savannah in the atrium forms the heart of the exhibition, mediating the complex relationships between different species in this habitat.

Explore species diversity yourself: Our permanent exhibition offers a genuine nature experience based on naturalistic ecosystem displays.
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You want to give something special to your childs birthday? Invite the birthday child and its party guests to an unforgettable experience at Museum Koenig!
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Dear visitors, in accordance with the Corona Protection Ordinance, our museum is currently closed. Enjoy our online offers (in german) and

stay healthy!

Special Exhibitions

Special exhibition
28.09.2019 to 16.05.2021
The exhibition presents the current state of research on these questions and at the same time explains the almost detective methods with which scientists answer questions from a long time ago.

Adopt an animal

Adopting an animal exhibit or one of our living "inhabitants" is a very special gift for friends, relatives, for your company or for yourself.

Currently our adoptions support the upcoming rainforest exhibition: Choose your "godchild" and help funding our new exhibition highlight at Museum Koenig.