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Rainforest - The Understorey

Treasury of Life

The first part of the new permanent "Rainforest" exhibit is open to public: A 50 sqm large habitat diorama with a lifelike reproduction of the “Understorey” of an African lowland rainforest invites the visitors to playfully discover the diversity of animal and plant species living here. Audio stations point out special relationships between the diverse rainforest dwellers. At several places all across the exhibition one "stumbles" upon the ecologically significant driver ants. On a Rainforest Bai forest elephants are getting alive by a glance through the telescopes. And the information sign at the “entrance” to the National Park invites visitors to a chimpanzee tracking tour. A walk-in strangler fig already leads from the “Understorey” at the ground floor of the museum directly to the first floor where the second part of the Rainforest Exhibit will be built - an equally lifelike presentation of the "Canopy".

Get more information about the realisation of the "Understorey" exhibit here.

Ausschnitt aus Unterholz-Diorama
Rainforest treefall gap with Mandrill.

Tropical rainforests are among the most important ecosystems on Earth. As a comprehensive carbon storage they play a central role in the global climate. Although they cover less than 7% of the land area, they probably harbour more than 60% of the world's species. A multitude of these already provide important resources to mankind. Undoubtedly, there are numerous further, still undiscovered treasures slumbering here.


Ameisenfolgende Vögel
Driver ants and ant-following birds.

With support of the Alexander Koenig Society e.V. and numerous sponsors and supporters the first part of the Rainforest exhibit could already be realized. Also for the second part the Museum Koenig is dependent on further financial support. If you want to get more information about how you can contribute to the completion of this exhibition highlight please contact the Alexander Koenig Society e.V..

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