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Bat Banding Centre



The Bat Banding Centre at the Research Museum Koenig is a service institution. Since 1960 it has  supplied bat bands to researchers in Germany and some adjacent countries, documented the resulting band recoveries, and made the data available to science.  In the Centre historical and current banding data from 1932 to today are being archived and analysed.

The Centre collaborates closely with other European banding centres, like the one based in Dresden, and with EUROBATS.
Thank you for your cooperation!

For further research into the lifestyle of bats, each ring report of importance. So we appreciate if you contribute to this research by reporting a found bat or support the Bat Banding Centre in another way!

If you found a bat with an aluminum bracket on the wing, please contact us! For us, the ring number, the exact location and date of detection and the discovery circumstances are important. If you carefully read and noted the ring number of a living animal, you should set the ringed animal free again. If it is a dead animal, then you should send it to us together with the ring or - if not possible - only the ring and the above Information about the location and circumstances of the discovery. Please wear gloves when handling the bat.



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