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The Sektion Myriapoda works on centipedes (Chilopoda) and millipedes (Diplopoda), as well as the smaller classes Symphyla and Pauropoda. The research focuses on 'classical taxonomy' (many millipede genera and species are still undescribed), as well as biogeography, evolution, and phylogenetics, from genus-level to order-level.
Employed methods are morphology (light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, multi-layer photography), as well as genetics (barcoding and phylogenies based on ribosomal and mitochondrial genes). The research focuses geographically on Madagascar and India, as well as Northern Italy, Australia, and SE Asia. Studied orders are Sphaerotheriida, Spirobolida, Glomerida and Glomeridesmida.

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Head of Section Myriapoda
Responsible Editor Bonn zoological Bulletin - Supplementum
+49 228 9122-425
+49 228 9122-212
t [dot] wesener [at] leibniz-zfmk [dot] de