The Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig

is a research museum of the Leibniz Association

Leibniz in Africa with participation of ZFMK


The “Leibniz in Africa” initiative of the Leibniz Association is a gateway for researchers at Leibniz Institutes and at African research institutions who wish to deepen existing collaborations or initiate new ones. The aims are

to ease information exchange, the pooling of expertise and the sharing of resources between researchers
to support the formation of joint research groups and activities
to guide and support our junior researchers through the maze of potential funding sources and research opportunities
to inform funders, policy makers and the public about “Leibniz in Africa“ activities

The Leibniz in Africa brochure is also available for download (German only):

Contributions by ZFMK can be found on pages 28 and 31.

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