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Environmental Genomics



The Environmental Genomics group is on an exciting mission to find the best DNA based solutions for biodiversity monitoring and discovery. Our journey takes us around the world, detecting terrestrial and aquatic animals across a wide range of ecosystems. Together with our colleagues at the Centre for Biodiversity Monitoring and excellent network of collaborators, or team is currently developing:

  • Large scale DNA metabarcoding methods (Arthropod bulk samples)
  • A mobile nanopore based "backpack" laboratory (Fish detection)
  • Bioinformatics tools, e.g. metabarcoding pipelines (JAMP), primer development (PrimerMiner)
  • PCR free methods (Crisper, WGS, Nanopore Read Until)
  • Methods for supplementing DNA based data with Machine Learning and image recognition
  • Improved biodiversity sampling methods

Thanks to our passion for laboratory methods as well as bioinformatics, we are uniquely positioned to tackle the biodiversity challenges of the 21st century. The tools our team is developing find broad application thanks to national and international cooperations, as well as our commitment to openly sharing our research. If you can think out of the box, and are ready to make a difference: Join us!

We are offering:

  • The freedom to realize your own ideas, make mistakes, learn and grow from it.
  • A fantastic team of colleagues and friends, helping to make your vision a reality.
  • Access to state of the art laboratory equipment, liquid handling robots, new high throughput sequencers, 3D printing.
  • An open door policy, giving you the chance to always discuss your ideas and results.

Get to know the team and our research on social media:
Twitter: @VascoElbrecht
Youtube: Environmental Genomics Research Group

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former Scientific Staff
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