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Quick facts

Project title: 
SYNTHESYS+ subproject NA3.1
ZFMK Project lead: 
Object of research: 
Biobanks, SOPs


SYNTHESYS+ creates an integrated European infrastructure for natural history collections. Within SYNTHESYS+, subproject NA3.1, led (for GGBN) by ZFMK, performs a landscape analysis of biodiversity and environmental biobanks and their standards and practices, investigates commonalities and differences, and identifies missing standards.

Environmental and biodiversity biobanks often follow very similar goals, and many parallels exist among their respective practices. However, the dialogue between the various biobank or repository types is limited. We aim at opening up interfaces by collecting and sharing information on workflows and standard operating procedures.


Contact person

Coordinator SYNTHESYS+ subproject NA3.1 -- currently on maternity leave
+49 228 9122-420
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c.corrales [at]