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Migration strategy of the Tree Pipit



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Migration strategy and Wintering Grounds of the Tree Pipit: Isotope analyses in claws and feathers
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Within the framework of my PhD I investigate the migratory pathways and wintering areas of the Tree Pipit Anthus trivialis. Against the background of declining breeding populations, the focus is on the question whether migratory pathways and wintering grounds differ between different European populations and which effects this might have on the fitness of the birds. Additionally, the potential of assigning birds to different wintering areas by morphological characteristics is investigated.

Different methods are combined for answering these questions. Besides the analysis of capture-recapture data (EURING) and fitness characteristics during ringing, birds of European zoological museums were measured and characterised morphologically. Additionally, samples of migrating Tree Pipits were taken at ringing stations in Italy, Russia and Germany. The analysis of stable isotopes in the feathers of these individuals shall offer valuable clues regarding their sub-Saharan wintering areas.


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