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Herpetodiversity Andean valleys



Quick facts

Project title: 
Herpetodiversity and biogeography of Andean dry forest valleys
ZFMK Project lead: 
Object of research: 
Amphibians, Reptiles


Andean dry forests are among the least investigated biotopes worldwide. The project involves a herpetological inventory and an exemplary phylogeographic analysis on the basis of selected groups.


The high amount of endemic species and the high potential for the discovery of additional rare and endemic species together with the identified threats such as deforestation, mining activities and dam constructions for hydroelectric projects have high implications for conservation and further research.

To date no protected area has been established in the Marañón valley. If no conservation strategies will soon be developed and implemented the destruction of this unique habitat will proceed and the decline of its diversity will be irreversible.


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