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Arachnids and various other Arthropoda

The collections in this section hold about 70,000 specimens, including the worlds most diverse collection of Pholcidae spiders (Huber), extensive spider material from fogging campaigns in East Africa (Wagner, Freund) and from pitfall trapping in West and Central Africa (previously Trier collection), a large and partly historically important Odonata collection, as well as smaller collections of parasitic mites and other Arachnida, Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Crustacea.

Currently the collections are being digitized and prepared for the transfer to Biodiversity Workbench. Preliminary data are available as Excel files:

Araneae (version 2018-09-06)





The following type catalogs are available as PDF files:

Araneae, Acari, Scorpiones, Crustacea, Pantopoda (version 2018-03)




  • Extensive spider material from fogging campaigns in Eastern Africa (collections Wagner, Freund) and from pitfall trapping in Central and West Africa (previously trier collection)
  • Largest comparative collection of pholcid spiders, with extensive material from Venezuela (2002), Brazil (2003, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016), Costa Rica (2006), Dominican Republic (2005), Haiti (2007), Cuba (2012), Guinea (2008), Cameroon (2009), Kenya (2010), Uganda (2010), Gabon (2011), Ghana (2012), Taiwan (2013), Philippines (2014), Borneo (2014), Malaysia (2015), Thailand (2015), Sri Lanka (2017), Oman (2017, 2018), etc.; many taxa in high concentration ethanol
  • Parasitic mites (Lukoschus collection)

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