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92. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Säugetierkunde


17th-20th September 2018

Important dates:

15.03.2018  Start of Registration  (please use the link in the collumn to the right)

15.04.2018  Call for Abstracts

31.05.2018  Deadline for Abstract submission

15.06.2018  Abstract Acceptance Notification

15.06.2018  End of Early Registration

31.08.2018  End of Late Registration

Stipends for Junior Scientists from developing countries:

We are happy to announce that we will be able to support two Junior Scientists from developing countries who work on Africa mammals with a stipend to come to the conference. They will also have the opportunity to work in our collection for 3 weeks in September. Applicants are required to present their work in an oral presentation during the conference. Stipends will cover travel expenses and accommodation (in the Museum guest rooms) up to a total amount of 1,500 EUR.
More information on eligibility and application is provided in the document in the column to the right.

DGS Junior meeting grants:

The DGS offers 5 “small” meeting grants of 300 EUR each to junior scientists who want to present their work at the forthcoming annual meeting. Every junior DGS-member (pre-PhD) without own budget can apply. Grants can only be assigned if the abstract is accepted for the conference, and if grant winners agree to present their topic as a poster or talk at the annual meeting in Bonn. If this agreement cannot be maintained, the grant has to be paid back.

Please send your application with a short informal letter and the abstract which has been submitted (poster or talk) to the secretary of the society, Philip Dammann (Philip [dot] Dammann [at] uk-essen [dot] de) until 15 July 2018.



Here are some suggestions for accomodation in Bonn. For a map showing the different options, please have a look at the link in the column to the right.

Host Committee:

Eva Bärmann (ZFMK), Jan Decher (ZFMK), Anke Frank (ZFMK), Rainer Hutterer (ZFMK), Thalia Jentke (ZFMK), Christian Montermann (ZFMK), Gustav Peters (ZFMK), Rebecca Ray-Brambach (ZFMK), Vera Rduch (ZFMK), Sönke Twietmeyer (Nationalpark Eifel), and more to be appointed


+49 228 9122-264
+49 228 9122-212
e [dot] baermann [at] leibniz-zfmk [dot] de


zur 92. Jahrestagung der DGS, 17.-20.09.2018, Bonn.


für ein POSTER oder TALK.