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The crab spider genus Angaeus

Benjamin S.
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On the crab spider genus Angaeus Thorell, 1881 (Araneae: Thomisidae)
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Benjamin S. 2013. On the crab spider genus Angaeus Thorell, 1881 (Araneae: Thomisidae). Zootaxa 3635: 71-80.

Morphological comparison of the genera Angaeus Thorell, 1881 and Paraborboropactus Tang and Li, 2009 (Araneae: Thomisidae) shows that the latter should be relegated to a junior synonym of the former. Further, I propose the following new synonyms: Angaeus leucomenus (Thorell, 1895), Stephanopis weyersi Simon, 1899 and Paraborboropactus leguminaceus Tang and Li, 2009 = Angaeus rhombifer Thorell, 1890 syn. nov., Paraborboropactus oblatus Tang and Li, 2010 = Angaeus lenticulosus Simon, 1903 syn. nov. The following species are transferred from Paraborboropactus: Angaeus canalis (Tang & Li, 2010) comb. nov., Angaeus liangweii (Tang & Li, 2010) comb. nov., Angaeus rhombus (Tang & Li, 2009) comb. nov. and Angaeus zhengi (Tang & Li, 2009) comb. nov. The holotype of Angaeus pudicus (typespecies of the genus) is illustrated, and the male and female of Angaeus rhombifer are redescribed and illustrated based partly on fresh material from Singapore. A new species, Angaeus christae sp. nov. is described based on both sexes, anda syntype of Angaeus comatulus Simon, 1909 is illustrated.


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